Nothing Left

There is nothing left
The land we seek to cultivate
It is more stone than soil
Is there something left?
The freedom we declare
It is more illusion than reality
Do you practice what you preach
Cos you preach freedom, liberation and justice
Yet still on the streets of your land
The land of justice there is murder
What hope do we have?
What story is to be told ?
On this very land you point a finger
Four more points back at you
You condemn people
Forgetting to search yourself
We claim to be liberated
But some of us turn against helpless ones
They act like savage animals
Is this the freedom we talk of
We stand by and stare
When the deed is done we go out to make headlines
Headlines painted with hypocrisy and lies
We cry for justice for the dead
And yet we watched them die
Die of injustice before our eyes
Who are we then
When our eyes and ears are covered with injustice
We say we live in a free land
There is indeed nothing left

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